Megan Don -- Creating Individual and World Peace Through the Mystic Pathway.
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It is in your power to live and to die with this peace. -- Teresa of Avila



Welcome to MysticPeace, a sacred adventure and exploration of the Christian and Jewish mystical teachings relevant to our times and lives, with special attunement to realizing the empowerment of the Feminine World-Soul.

We are now in the time of The Second Coming, that is, the time of the full embrace of the Feminine Power and the time for the many to know their true freedom and liberation. We have had many single enlightened teachers over the ages, but the FeminineSpirit reaches out and encompasses all those who desire to know their freedom.


Megan conducts spiritual retreats, which include Christian Mystic, Gnostic, and Kabbalistic meditation practices and prayers. She uses chant, dance, and simple ritual as a way of communion with the Beloved. These practices take one into the everyday life through a consistent ryhthm of awareness and being.

Megan provides an embodied and earth-based spirituality open to all beings. She encompasses each individual in their uniqueness and encourages their own spiritual pathway pointing towards growth and liberation.


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Megan Don

"We are all mystics slowly awakening to the reality of who we really are."
- Megan Don
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